Whatnot Sellers: Your True Profits (and their fees)

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Many resellers are discovering the Whatnot Live Selling App as a new and lucrative place for reselling. You can sell anything from trading cards to sneakers to antiques-the categories are growing daily. But how much money are you actually making per show? I’ve broken down the math of selling on Whatnot with several spreadsheets along with explainer videos.

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Selling on Whatnot: Your True Profit PER ITEM

SPREADSHEET DOWNLOAD: Whatnot Seller True Profit (XLSX)


Selling on Whatnot for Creators: Your True Profit PER ITEM

Now, let’s assume you are MAKING what you’re selling on Whatnot. Tie-dye tee shirts or jewelry or even furniture. Then there’s some extra expense in making that item, so this calculation is for you.

SPREADSHEET DOWNLOAD: Whatnot Creator – Net Profits (XLSX)


Selling on Whatnot: Net Profits PER SHOW

So you made $300 on one show? That’s great! Or is it? Here is your approximate net profit – the money that goes into your bank – from that show, taking into account the number of items sold and how many giveaways you conducted.

EARNINGS ESTIMATE Spreadsheet: Estimated Profits Per Show (XLSX)

ACTUAL EARNINGS Spreadsheet: Actual Earnings Per Show (XLSX)


Want to become a Whatnot seller? Please USE MY REFERRAL LINK