Private Yoga/Yoga Therapy

Contact us for booking private yoga/meditation sessions, and/or parties. All prices listed are per hour/class.

1 Participant: Yoga $60, Individualized Yoga Therapy $75
2 Participants: Yoga $95
3-8 Participants: Yoga $125

Onsite Yoga/Meditation

Contact us for booking yoga and/or meditation at your location. Ongoing classes avaialble.

  • Hotels & Vacation Rentals
  • Corporate
  • Police/Fire Houses
  • Schools
  • Retirement Homes


Bachelorette Experience

Bride and her Bridesmaids in yoga wear with yoga mats

Getting married in or near Yosemite National Park? Then you’ll want to book the Metta Bachelorette (or Bachelor) Experience. You and your bridal party will get a full relaxing yoga experience, followed by a guided meditation, and ending with a lifelong love incantation. Appropriate for all levels and body types!

Includes yoga for all levels, crystal singing bowls sound bath, and gift bags for all attendees.

90 minutes, up to 10 people.

$100 booking fee + $35 per person, refundable up to 48-hours prior to event.

Request your booking here:

Which Party for the Experience?