Blonde Woman stretching on chair

Chair Yoga with Camella

Great for seniors and beginners! Replacing the yoga mat with a chair makes yoga more accessible. Camella Nair, author of Chair Yoga Therapeutics will share how you can adapt your yoga practice to create better balance, stability and strength for a lifetime!

Chakra Healing Yoga with Lisa

In this class we will be focusing on opening, connecting and balancing our 7 energy wheels called Chakras. Lisa will guide you through this active meditation using yoga poses that enhance each of the chakras. While creating a space to stretch, destress and find your bliss.

Gentle Morning Yoga with Camella

Start your day with opening the body and creating greater stability and strength in this gentle yoga class, designed for both the beginner and intermediate student.

Hatha Slow Yoga with Katrina

This is a kriya based yoga includes pranayama and meditation, long held active and passive positions for beginners and veteran practitioners looking for sublet body work.

Length & Strength Yoga with Sarah

Deepen your yoga practice with this skill-building yoga class. Perfect for those who are looking to develop their balance, tone major muscle groups & alleviate tension in the body. This gentle approach to progress is easily modified for multiple levels and will empower you both physically and mentally!

Sarah Montgomery with Praying Hands on heart

Level 1 Yoga with Sarah

This class is created to build on the fundamentals to the essential poses and to expand your scope of a more traditional practice. If you are new to yoga, or looking to consciously deepen your practice, this class is for you!

Relax & Restorative Yoga with Camella

A blend of relaxation, gentle stretching, concentration and Yoga Nidra to balance the nervous system and increase immunity.

Slow Flow with Sarah

Join us for a midday mindful movement break. Soothe mind and body, while you slowly flow through gentle yet invigorating sequences that will give you the boost you need to get you through the rest of your week.


Quartz Singing Bowls Lined up for Class

Sound Bowls Experience with Jennifer

Crystal Singing Bowls have been medically proven to reduce stress, blood pressure, anxiety and more! Jennifer will guide you through a sound bathing experience that will resonate with the body’s energy centers. You have to experience the Crystal Sound Bowls in person to get the full benefits! Jennifer received her bachelor’s of music from Northwestern University and certificate of Music and Wellness from Berklee College of Music.

Sound Bowls Meditation with Brenda

Dr. Brenda Negley’s Singing Bowls Meditation is a positive meditative experience that soothes body and soul! The crystal quartz singing bowls are tuned to your body’s vibrational centers, creating a sense of calm that cannot be duplicated online! This class can help with stress and anxiety, PTSD, relief from arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

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