Metta Yosemite is dedicated to supporting local artists in the Yosemite Mountain communities. We rotate art shows every two months, with different shows featuring one artist or a themed show.

Now Showing – July/August 2022

Kris Kessey: Looking Through Glass

Artist Kris Kessey with her works
Artist Kris Kessey

The human relationship with fenestration goes back to when we first made structures to house ourselves. It is a way to bring light into dark spaces, a way to connect with the outside world, and a way to look into spaces we may or may not be able to enter.

Kris is especially intrigued by the reflective quality of glass and how it is possible to see multiple layers of reality within a single plane. Images within this collection play with that phenomenon of reflection.

Nine panel glass block with sky, hands, and greenery
Basement Window by Kris Kessey

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